Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Identity Lab: Nowhere/here

World Identity Lab believe that culture starts with the individual. I am lucky enough to be a contributor to this inspiring online art and cultural project.

My latest submission for the project 'Nowhere/Now here World' takes you and I on a journey to North Yorkshire, clambering up and on gigantic rocks at Malham Cove.

Take a look at my lovely entry Malham Cove to the World Identity Lab
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Good Hair Day.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Silent Waltz.

Your love is like a buoyancy of ideas
they leak into mine
levelling out my irrational thoughts
of malice desires.

A balanced inside
a looking glass of heart
staring forever into a soul
made for you.

Fall deep
into this wondering state
and we shall dance
hold my hand
I'll guide you into the forgotten.

Speak a song of echoes
flowering with might
a deeper dance
a quick fire tempo

we stamp it out.

Place of heart #1.

Friday, October 22, 2010


My 1.4 Billion Reasons

Here are a few reasons that I met whilst volunteering in Ghana, West Africa in May-August 2010 with Platform2. These people live in a village called Kasapin in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. Water and Sanitation issues are rife within the village along with Malaria and Gender inequality, which are all key parts of the Millenium Development Goals.

Find out more about Global Poverty Project's 1.4 Billion Reasons

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Global Poverty Project: 1.4 Billion Reasons DVD Premiere

Global Poverty is something which needs to be eradicated in our life time; the Global Poverty Project is an organisation which is commited to spreading the word and acheiving this goal.

On Wednesday 20 October I attended the 1.4 Billion Reasons DVD premiere at Bloomsbury Thatre in London, where my winning photography entries for 'Women are the Solution not the Problem' were screened.

The UK premiere of 1.4 Billion Reasons was a highly successful event, Bloomsbury Theatre was buzzing with like minded people, including model Lily Cole. You could really sense the energy of change as the presentation got under way.

The DVD itself delves into the details of the Millenium Development Goals, which were recently reviewed last month at the UN Summit in New York. To focus on these goals highlights the importance and possibility of eradicating poverty, proving that unless we promote change then these global goals of humanity will seem out of reach for some time to come.

The DVD focused on Ghana, West Africa, as a shining example of democracy and the development of fair trade rules in cocoa farming. Links to Cadbury's and the work they are doing with Ghanian farmers were discussed in the presentation and the DVD. The examples and developments discussed for the Gold Coast country are something that I can relate to, having returned from volunteering in Ghana with Platform2 for 3 months back in August.

The night was a huge success, with several open question and answer opportunities throughout the presentation, which really made the audience engage with the issues highlighted in the DVD.

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Find out more about The Global Poverty Project
Global Poverty Project: Join in on Facebook

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Water and Sanitation.

Today, a day action from bloggers all around the world, raising the needed a awareness for billions of people without the access to clean water.|Start Petition

Find out more on the Sanitation and Water for all website


Latitude| Tropic @ PSL

Botany Bay 2007, Installed on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Armley, Leeds and part of the current exhibition Latitude|Tropic featuring work by Roger Palmer and Jeremy Wafer. This collabrative exhibtion lives and breathes in the high open space of the PSL gallery. The walls seeming much like home to both artists.

Roger Palmer's collection Latitude, a group of seven photo-triptychs, dominated the gallery with an effortless bekon of black and white tones. The subject matter varies, but a mystery or a forgotten message, a moment perhaps a direction surrounds all of his work.

Spring Water (2009) by Palmer, part of the Latitude|Tropic exhibtion, is a thought provoking piece and relevant to recent concerns within society. Although based around the geographical connections between Botany Bay in Australia and an area of Leeds/Liverpool Canal in the Armley district of Leeds, the piece seems to provokes the sense of and a need for change, something else.

The flow of water, even in its most simplistic static state, mimics a trance like motion of kinetic energy which an empty plastic bottle dances with. Small eddies offer the plastic vessel a different path, or to take afloat in its current surroundings; the movement of this mundane plastic bottle also provokes the idea of a short journey.

After a cold walk along the picturesque canal I was even lucky enough to be invited to help myself to homemade Carrot and Corriander soup. I enoyed a fair few sponfulls whilst watching a collection of short films around the theme of Borders and Crossings as part of Soup and Cinema, a regular night held at PSL.

More information about Latitude|Tropic

More information about PSL's Soup and Cinema night

Leduc feeds me with tasty morsal on a regular basis. This animated video for French based artist Leduc is the lasted artistic gem.

The stop motion video for song “Laissez moi passer” features a bearded man on ski's journeying through French urban settings. The production work on this piece seem difficult to comprehend, impressive in length and detail. Snapshots of grainy pavements, official painted lines and sewer grates along with an encouraging performance of down hill skiiing wihtin a tunnel, are but a few highlights.

Take a look for yourself:

Listen to more Ludac and friends on MySpace

More from

Find out more about Ludac (tis in French though)

Sunshowers with a hint of globalization expected.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Modern Romance.

Original Image from tumblr

Eyes So Green

The progressive indie folk number "Eyes So Green" by Ontario based Hunting Winter is a definite winner. Winter closes in and you drift through the warm tones of the record. Melodic, natural and true.

Very nice.

Check out the beautifully simplistic stop motion video for "Eyes So Green" from their recent EP:

Say hey to Hunting Winter on Myspace


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010


Leeds Light Night 2010.

A collection of images from a night where you are welcomed to play with your City. I visited PSL on the side of the Leeds Liverpool Canal, not too far from Leeds City Station off Whitehall Road.

The current exhibition Latitude/Tropic features work from two Artists, Roger Palmer and Jeremy Wafer. The collabrative exhibtion lives and breathes in the high open space of the PSL gallery. The walls seeming much like home to both artists.

I made my way through town via Leeds Liverpool Canal, calling in at Milo's to catch a lil' glimpse of the EP launch party for Soul Circus - Artisit & Artisans is available for download now. Continuing up Briggate to catch a glimpse of a nostalgic cardboard gramaphone installation in Thornton's Arcade.

Making my way up to Broadcasting Place, several moving image and light installations welcomed me, along with a bitmap style typography installation, syncronished and executed from a trolley, onto the side of the rustic architecture that is Leeds Metropolitan University.

Films were projected on a continuous loop all night on The Parkinson Tower of Leeds University, I caught a short glimpse of a dark lined, playful shape and scribble animation.

Then onwards for a pint at Santiago's in Grand Arcade to catch Black Moth. Who by the way are effortlessly on heat at the moment and so much more raw live.

Find out more about Leeds Light Night 2010
Check out Soul Circus and find out more about their new EP Artists & Artisans
Check Black Moth out on MySpace

Friday, October 8, 2010

A visitor in passing

Fill a barrel for myself
alone and stubborn

Assist me in this means of now
for I have but only a gallon

Strength and strife
to fill your pot
in a faded presence of millions

Tell me this,
for what does it matter

I cannot bare soul,
when I do not know the answer

A hollowed bark
disguising centuries of pails

A visitor in passing
crawling for a passion

joined and fastened

A fusion
Lying in the matter.

If the key fits.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Still in existence.


A crowned glory
of the purest light

You seep through
and warm me

A distance at a glance
hope dances
a window of tomorrow

Dance a holy dance
of simplistic flight

A royal fete
a dusty road
a map of colour and delight

Your abundance eats my sight
You smile
I obey.