Tuesday, April 13, 2010



it still hurts to tell a story
to lay in it alone
to cradle all that harboured want
to flash out on your own

to live a life of sorrow
and take a lot
spare me my own slaughter
spare me

I declare.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Feed the Birds.

Florance Smith.

Florance Smith suffers from Bowel Cancer, she is bleeding again.

Florance spends most of her time at home alone, which is where she was when it happened. Out cold, she came round finding she had defecated all over herself and her kitchen floor.

Florance likes books; she used to be a librarian. Some time ago Florance worked for the Home Office and had to deal with a humorous situation where two British men travelling in the Far East on bicycles were detained, "they were arrested in a monastery over there, all the people wanted was the bicycles."

Florance's mother died in Bronte Tower two measly hours after being admitted, "I should have left her at home." This was three years ago.

Florance likes to play games in her head to cure the boredom, "let’s go rob RBS Joanne, you can be the runner and I will be the hit man."

Florance is miserable and morbid; she just wants to get done what ever she needs to get done.

Get it done, and go.